[TxMt] Additional Keyword support for SQL Language

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Mon Aug 1 07:10:29 UTC 2005

On 31/07/2005, at 13.34, Mark Cotner wrote:

> This was my first stab at editing a language
> definition.  I tried to add "COPY" support as well,
> but couldn't get it to work for whatever reason.  This
> version supports most keywords in the spec.  I'll try
> and add better stored procedure/function support as
> well as get copy working and respam.

Thanks, I updated the version in the repository. I changed  
keyword.function.create to keyword.other.create (to use an official  
name) but probably many of the current SQL names should be changed.  
e.g. NOT is an operator and NULL is a constant IMHO (both marked up  
as keywords currently).

Personally though I have close to no experience with SQL syntax,  
which is probably why most stuff ended up as keywords ;)

I also added support for # comments, `strings` and allowed for the  
name in the create table statement to be quoted (this name appears in  
the symbol popup btw). And I moved the increase-indent pattern to a  
bundle preferences item.

You can grab the updated SQL syntax from here (or do a svn checkout  
of the SQL bundle):

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