[TxMt] REQ: ctrl-tab toggles focus between textarea and project drawer

Tom Lazar tom at tomster.org
Thu Apr 28 16:35:49 UTC 2005

yeah, I know, it's me again ;-)

I'd like to point out, that it is exactly a tribute to how great and  
useful TextMate is (for me) that all I'm requesting are such tiny  
little nitpicky features, so I hope I don't come across as  

anyway: I'd really like to have a quick, no-brains-involved method to  
toggle between the textfield and the project drawer via the keyboard  
- I do it a million times a day and I don't want to use the mouse for  
it (RSI, anyone?)

currently i can use ctrl-tab to tab *out* of the text area (great!)

further ctrl-tabs cycle through the action widgets at the bottom  
until it finally drops me off in the text area again.

while i can use shift-tab to get back immediately, this isn't very  
economical IMHO to move back and forth quickly.

so, my proposition: ctrl-tab to toggle between textarea and project  
drawer, shift-tab to cycle forward through textarea, projectdrawer  
and widgets, and ctrl-shift-tab to cycle backwards

or any other alternative that allows me to toggle with one key-combo ;-)

best regards,


Tom Lazar

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