[TxMt] subversion commands popup mystery

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Apr 28 07:54:34 UTC 2005

On Apr 28, 2005, at 9:20, Jeroen van der Ham wrote:

> I think what he means is that instead of the svn commands menu, you get
> the result of the svn status command back (which is the first one in 
> that
> list).
> I too have experienced those things, but I wrote it off as trying to do
> it too fast and accidently pushing the spacebar or something, but there
> might be more behind it then..

Ah, okay -- that's then the problem about not having focus on the text 

Basically the active text view overloads key event handling and is 
responsible for showing the menu when there are several items with the 
same key equivalent. If there is no active text view, it falls back to 
the default behavior (which is limited to only having one item per key 
binding, as can be seen in the menu).

I have now improved this for (upcoming) beta 8, so as long as the 
project window is key, it will show the proper menu.

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