[TxMt] OK now I get it, TM ROCKS MY WORLD

Samuel DeVore sdevore at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 02:51:08 UTC 2005

I just have to say, WOW. I get it, I have drunk the cool aid and I am in 
heaven. I started using TextMate for a new project, I have been a faithful 
beliver in the 'it doesn't suck' BBEdit for as long as I can remember (I 
have CD's back to at least 3.0), but I think that app may begin to get more 
and more idle time...

The power of this app, tied into the command line and other goodies is only 
hurting my productivity in that I keep streamlining my work process, and 
tuning it, and tweeking it, oh who knew a text editor could be FUN! Thank 
you to every one who has contributed to the commands and snipits, and the 
syntax files.

One question though, is there a way to print out a pretty (enough) list of 
the snipit triggers for a particular syntax? 

this is one app that is so worth registering. Wicked!

Sam D
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