[TxMt] line breaks

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Apr 20 15:56:50 UTC 2005

On Apr 20, 2005, at 17:30, Vaska.Txt wrote:

> Certainly, this might an odd request, but is there some way to delete 
> line breaks (\n) in a text document?  Or, only when there are two in a 
> row (double spacing)?

As was already mentioned, you can do find'n'replace. Adding to this: 
you can press option-return in the Find dialog to insert a return. You 
can also select two empty lines and press cmd-E to place these in the 
Find dialog.

Additionally you can use option-shift-R (Filter through command), 
select document/replace document as input/output and let the command 
be: “tr -s '\n'”. The -s means “squeeze” the characters together so 
there is only one. This is a very useful command to clean up documents 
since it can take a group of characters, e.g.: “tr -s '[ \t\n]'”, and 
it can also do replacements in the same go, so e.g. this command: “tr 
-s '[ \t\n]' ' '” transforms the document into only having one space 
for every sequence of tabs, newlines, or spaces (i.e. format the entire 
document into one big paragraph).

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