[TxMt] Refreshing files after a command executes

David Ogren ogren at mac.com
Thu Apr 14 16:18:39 UTC 2005

I'm new to TextMate, so please point me to the fine manual if I'm 
missing something obvious. I've poked around the mailing list and 
documentation but couldn't find anything related. I'm using 1.1b5 
currently, but would switch back to 1.0.x if that helps.

As part of switching over to TextMate I'm trying to set up a TextMate 
command to do some text processing. I have a project defined that has 
multiple text files and a TextMate command that may modify some or all 
of the text files in that project when it executes. The command first 
saves all of the files in the project. It then runs a Python script 
with no input and discarding any output.

TextMate, unfortunately, doesn't seem to check to see if the current 
file was changed after the command executes. If I switch to another 
file in the project and then back to the original file it will notice 
that the underlying file has been changed. But if I forget to switch 
back and forth it will end up causing a conflict between the file in 
memory and the file on disk.

In short, is there anyway to force TextMate to check the "freshness" of 
a current file after executing a command?

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