[TxMt] Folding Question

Stefan Brantschen sbr at acm.org
Mon Apr 11 20:23:48 UTC 2005


I was wondering if it's possible to define a "foldingStopMarker" that 
marks the line _above_ some pattern to end a folding. The issue here is 
that I have a markup (so called structured text) that does not use any 
explicit "end" marker, as the next "start" marker implicitly stops the 

Example markup:


! First Chapter


! Second Chapter



! Appendix 1


As you see, parts of the text are marked with "= PART", chapters with 
"! chapter", sections with "!! section" etc. Hence, "! Second Chapter" 
in this example concludes "! First Chapter", and the 
"foldingStopMarker" should point to the line above "! Second Chapter".

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards
- Stefan

Stefan Brantschen
sbr at acm.org

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