[TxMt] Funny behaviour with Desktop Manager?

Chris Messina factoryjoe at factorycity.net
Sun Apr 3 19:06:32 UTC 2005

Tony Arnold wrote:

> Sune/All,
> On 03/04/2005, at 11:24 AM, Sune Foldager wrote:
>> On 03-04-2005, at 01:23, Ollivier Robert wrote:
>>> Yes but they are hacks you generally can't live without.  I can't  
>>> manage my
>>> current configuration (15 or so iTerm windows, Mozilla, iTunes,  X11 
>>> clients
>>> and more) with Exposé, no way...
>> You know... iTerm has tabs :-). That's what I use.. but ok I rarely  
>> have 15... ;-). In Tiger you will have to live without desktop  
>> managers.. at least for now, but maybe they'll have them upgraded  by 
>> its release.
> No, you shouldn't have to - I have DesktopManager working with a few  
> small patches. I'll submit them once Tiger is a little closer to  
> release. 

Yes, please do submit these patches! I'll be wanting to continue using 
DM w/ Tiger and it doesn't look like anyone's maintaining it anymore.

Any thoughts on whether Virtue will work in Tiger?



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