[TxMt] remembering caret position in long documents

Dominique Peretti dperetti at lachoseinteractive.com
Thu Oct 28 17:13:41 UTC 2004

This is likely to be the "refresh bug" I complained about a couple of 
days ago.

It was introduced in 1.01ß2.
According to Allan, it has now been identified and will be fixed soon.

This is a critical issue.
A friend of mine, who bought TextMate too, stopped using it because the 
bug drove him nuts.
As for me, I switched back to 1.0.1ß1. I can't wait until it's fixed !

Dominique PERETTI
On 28 oct. 04, at 17:27, John Peele [*] Arrival 5 Design wrote:

> here is the issue i am having...
> 1.  i scroll to a place deep within a long document to do some 
> editing, say a css file
> 2.  i then switch to another document to apply some other edits, i 
> switch documents by clicking on their tab
> 3.  when i return to the first document, the css file in this case, 
> the caret has returned to the top of the document and i have to scroll 
> again to find the place that i was editing...
> is there anyone else having this issue?
> thanks for a great product none-the-less!!
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