[TextMate] Syntax Question: Including HTML in PHP syntax

Noel D.Jackson noel at noeljackson.com
Thu Oct 14 18:35:38 UTC 2004


If you got the HTML/PHP syntax highlighting working like you explained, 
could you make the .tmbundle file available? I can't stand the light 
HTML with bright PHP etc.


On Oct 14, 2004, at 12:37 PM, Mats Persson wrote:

> Allan,
> Thank you for your help !!!  Very much appreciated.
>>> As it is right now, I have a choice of highlighting for HTML or for 
>>> PHP, BUT NOT both at the same time.
>> No, the "HTML (PHP)" does do this. But the colors of HTML is toned 
>> down significantly.
> Ahh, the perils of editing syntax files without understanding things 
> fully.  I made a colour change to the "HTML (PHP)" syntax file and 
> stored it in the AppSupport directory, so it overrode your file, and 
> in doing so it created plain black text on white background. : (
> I have now spent a good few hours tweaking my colours and have HTML 
> with PHP; with CSS; with JS highlighting working just as I want it.
> Although time consuming, it has been a very good process to go 
> through, and I have learnt a lot about the syntax structure. As a 
> result, I am very impressed by the inherent power in the syntax 
> format.
> My only concern now - as I have migrated to a dark background - is 
> that the cursor is invisible over the edit window. Perhaps something 
> that you are already aware of and working on. (Or perhaps is remedied 
> by some to me unknown setting).
> Kind regards,
> Mats
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