[TextMate] feature request: code navigation

textmate at mimicry.org textmate at mimicry.org
Fri Oct 8 22:05:32 UTC 2004

On 8 Oct, 2004, at 4:49 PM, Timothy Martens wrote:

> On Oct 8, 2004, at 6:31 AM, Jeff Ganyard wrote:
>> Another me too - but do it better! Provide a hot key to access 
>> (switch focus to) the pull down menu and then make it navigable with 
>> up and down arrows. The let the user tab to select the highlighted 
>> function and switch focus back to the main document with the 
>> insertion point at the function selected.
> Brilliant suggestion Jeff! It is rather unwieldy to have to click on a 
> pull-down and manually navigate its content with the mouse.

Ctrl-2 pops up the function menu in Xcode and SubEthaEdit. If TextMate 
adds this, it should probably adopt this convention as well.


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