[TextMate] Why is all the background colours dark ????

Sune Foldager cryo at diku.dk
Thu Oct 7 14:25:52 UTC 2004

On 7/10-2004, at 16:20, Brent Bourgoine wrote:
> What would be most useful for me, and seems to work out pretty well in
> other apps is a set of "types" of text to get colored, and global
> defaults for those types (this may be what you were getting at with
> "(named) colors")  For example:
> Default Background
> Default Foreground
> Comments
> Constants
> Variable names
> Quoted Strings
> Function/Subroutine names
> etc...
> ...and then the syntax-highlight-definitions would call upon those 
> types.
> Was that what you were getting at, or were you talking about something
> different?

At least this is something similar to what _I_ think is a good idea in 
the future.. perhabs not quite in that form, but.. something like that 
at least :-). I'll discuss it with Allan sometime also.

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