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Lucas K. Mathis macromates.com at lkmc.ch
Wed Oct 6 18:00:00 UTC 2004

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On 6.10.2004, space aliens observed Nick Hristov saying:
>>6. Context sensitive code completion that is included in skedit and
>>DW (XHTML/CSS are most importnat to me).
>In my opinion that is a bad idea. This will bloat the editor. XHTML
>and CSS are not all that hard to learn, and you can quickly learn by
>heart the properties.

Two thoughts:

1) It won't bloat the editor if the user can turn it off

2) I for one can never remember all the different versions of (X)HTML
   and how you're allowed to nest tags in each version and what tags
   have which attributes and so on.

Of course, it will take time to implement something like this, so the
question is whether there are enough people who want it.

TM Users wrote:
>Lucas, just in case you're not aware, that's exactly how skEdit 

Well, the problem with skEdit is that I downloaded it about a month ago,
opened it, promply forgot about it and now can't open it anymore since
the demo has expired :-)

I'll try to get it running again.


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