[TextMate] Selecting tags and their contents

John Marstall john at firewheeldesign.com
Wed Oct 6 17:39:34 UTC 2004

This is something I've longed for but have never seen it in any text 
editor yet: the ability to simply select markup tags and/or their 
enclosed contents. Most editors follow the selection logic of word > 
line, which IMO is rarely useful in working with code.

What I'd like is an assortment of modifier-clicks (command-click, 
option-click, command-shift-click, option-shift-click, etc.) that 
perform the following:

(when the pointer is inside a tag)
- single-click selection of the current, single tag
- single-click selection of the current tag, its corresponding 
opening/closing tag, and everything in between

(when the pointer is between two tags)
- single-click selection of everything between the two most immediate 
tags (and excluding the tags themselves), with perhaps additional 
clicks casting wider and wider inter-tag selections (going from 
<td>[selection]</td> to <tr>[<td>selection</td>]</tr>, for example)

Some items (like the <div> tag in HTML syntax mode) are already being 
treated as collapsible objects now, but there's no way (AFAIK) to grab 
such an object and move it around without carefully selecting the whole 
thing character-to-character. This seems like a needless restriction to 

Hope that's helpful.


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