[TxMt] Textmate Icon proposal - How About a Competition?

Stuart Wheeler "textmatelist." at mac-fu.com
Thu Nov 25 00:27:53 UTC 2004

On 24 Nov 2004, at 23:21, Chris Messina wrote:

> I know that TextMate isn't an open source project, but maybe the 
> original icon designer could release a higher resolution version of 
> the logo, and in the interest of evolution, let us graphic designers 
> play around with it?

I knew we had some graphic designer types out there...

With regards to the icon, the robot reminds me of the Cadburys "Smash" 
Martian robots on the hugely popular 1970's UK TV advert for instant 
mashed potato.


Not only do they look similar, but they both laugh in the face of the 
feeble, outdated alternatives. ;-)


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