[TxMt] Re: Re: How About a Competition? (was: Textmate proposal)

Ed Wong wonge at rogers.com
Wed Nov 24 16:21:06 UTC 2004

The icon is pretty easy for me to find in the dock. It's the muddled one.

I personally like it because it's unique but I agree that one that isn't so
dense looking would work better. Perhaps the typewriter can be changed to a
circa-1975 Olivetti electric typewriter?  (Much tongue stuck in cheek here.)


On 23/11/04 11:35 pm, "Eric Hsu" <erichsu at math.sfsu.edu> wrote:

> Yep, an icon is something everyone can have an opinion about.  I
> don't like the default one, not just because it looks awkward to me,
> but mainly because the colors are very invisible to me, and it's hard
> to find in the dock.  For a while I used a replacement icon from the
> World of Aqua IV of the red robot from Ghost in the Shell, and I'm
> currently using the 'braces' icon.
> I don't think I have to love an icon, but I should be able to find it
> quickly in the dock.
> - Eric

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