[TxMt] Italics in syntax bundles

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Wed Nov 24 09:27:10 UTC 2004

On 24-11-2004 01:11, Emil Eriksson wrote:
> What I'd really like to see is a consistent background color. Or rather 
> consistent colors and styles. It doesn't really matter very much which 
> styles or colors as long as they're consistent between syntax files. 
> Though I would prefer white background and just colors (no bolds, 
> underlines or italics).

Quoting the wishlist on the wiki:
	Global For/Background Color Setting By Jeroen van der Ham:

Your opinion and mine is not very far apart ;)

> Perhaps me and Jeroen should just have a shoot-out over this matter 
> since it seems to me as he has the same opinion as me, though his is 
> negated. ;)

If you look at my first email I said that I did not want all the 
decorations in text if it is not really functional. But as Alan pointed 
out: people who have low color perception don't have much use of 
different colors and need the decorations to really tell things apart.
I think he has a point there, but I'm also thinking that this perhaps is 
a minority group, which should have 'special' syntax highlight bundles 
which fit their needs.

As for the syntax highlight bundles with different background colours, 
I'm all for it. I really don't like white backgrounds while coding, so 
first thing I do when using a default bundle is converting it to black 
backgrounds ;)
Perhaps we should setup a collection point so that everyone can send in 
their adapted versions of the syntax highlight bundles. This is of course 
meant as a temporary solution while Alan sorts out a proper one ;)


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