[TxMt] Textmate Icon proposal - How About a Competition?

olivier hericord hangonsoft at free.fr
Tue Nov 23 22:34:07 UTC 2004

an icon has to be graphically simple to be displayed well at every 
size....i want an icon to be recognizable in the dock even if its 

is the quicksilver icon saying "quicksilver" ?
is the subethaedit icon saying "subethaedit" ?

an icon just have to summarize a concept ...not the name of the app....

the actual textmate icon is one of the worst icon i ever saw:
	-poor colors
	-poor sharpness
	-poor scalability

ok the textmate icon is a text mate....but that's all....

i think a mockup is a very  good idea

On Nov 23, 2004, at 11:16 PM, Chris Bailey wrote:

> I'd agree that the robot merges into the typewriter.  In fact to me, it
> looks like he's upside down - his shoes look like eyes to me.
> On 11/23/04 2:01 PM, "Noel Jackson" <noel at noeljackson.com> wrote:
>> I think that the robot is cool. I'd say, keep the robot, but perhaps
>> nix the typewriter?
>> -Noel
>> On Nov 23, 2004, at 2:18 PM, Stuart Wheeler wrote:
>>> I'm with Sean on this one. I don't wish to diminish Dominique's
>>> efforts, but I prefer the robot. My only problem with it is the 
>>> colour
>>> scheme. as the robot tends to merge into the typewriter.
>>> If people feel really strongly about having a new icon, then why not
>>> launch a TextMate Icon competition with something like a free license
>>> or some other incentive as a prize? If this was then widely 
>>> publicised
>>> in the Mac community it would both get a better selection of icons 
>>> and
>>> also raise the profile of TextMate, possibly leading to more people
>>> licensing it also.
>>> Stuart
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