[TxMt] Textmate Icon proposal - How About a Competition?

Noel Jackson noel at noeljackson.com
Tue Nov 23 22:01:38 UTC 2004

I think that the robot is cool. I'd say, keep the robot, but perhaps 
nix the typewriter?


On Nov 23, 2004, at 2:18 PM, Stuart Wheeler wrote:

> I'm with Sean on this one. I don't wish to diminish Dominique's 
> efforts, but I prefer the robot. My only problem with it is the colour 
> scheme. as the robot tends to merge into the typewriter.
> If people feel really strongly about having a new icon, then why not 
> launch a TextMate Icon competition with something like a free license 
> or some other incentive as a prize? If this was then widely publicised 
> in the Mac community it would both get a better selection of icons and 
> also raise the profile of TextMate, possibly leading to more people 
> licensing it also.
> Stuart

noel at noeljackson.com

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