[TxMt] Icons in drawer?

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Nov 19 18:59:29 UTC 2004

On Nov 19, 2004, at 12:49 PM, Chris Jenkins wrote:

I wrote this some hours ago but forgot to send it (so I hadn't seen 
your latest letter at that time)

> Ive noticed that icons in the drawer for files TM doesn't recognize 
> always seem to be the generic document icon rather than the one the 
> Finder uses, does TM need to have the icons built in or can it read 
> them from the Finder when necessary?, I seem to remember earlier 
> version did this, but I could be mistaken.

The first version(s) did use Finder icons for those it didn't have 
build in (these are in the Resources directory btw).

The reason I dropped it was twofold, 1) many filetypes would show 
whatever program was responsible for that filetype, so e.g. there'd be 
SEE, BBEdit, and similar icons in the file list and 2) the Finder icons 
doesn't look good when less than 16 pixels high, but that made the 
icons touch each other, and that didn't look good.

> Anyway, Id quite like my .fla and .swf files to have nice icons, Id be 
> happy to supply the icons if they need to be built in, Allan?

Currently you can add your icons using "Show Package Contents" and 
navigate to Contents -> Resources -> File Icons.

There's a Bindings.plist which use the filename as key (w/o extension, 
extension has to be .tiff or .png currently) and as values are the 
extensions this icon should be used for.

Of course if you do make new icons, please send them and I'll include 
them in next version!

I've been wanting to have these icons enhanced, but I'm not sure if 
it's best to do icons for each and every type (since there is _a lot_ 
and detail is sparse on such small icons) or if it's better to do 
categories, and use icons for each category, e.g.:

But being born w/o any graphical talent what so ever, I'm trying to 
push this onto someone else... ;)

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