[TxMt] Creator codes

Brian Gorby gorby at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 18 23:52:12 UTC 2004

On Nov 18, 2004, at 6:19 PM, Stuart Wheeler wrote:

> I personally favour a combination of (3) and (4). That is, have a 
> global default of either on or off and then in the save panel be able 
> to override that default if need be. For those that don't like creator 
> codes, maybe the save panel should also provide the option to strip 
> existing ones on the file you are saving.
> If you think that they should be user-configurable based on extension 
> then I guess that's another pane to add to your preferences. 
> Personally I don't have the need for it but others may.

I agree with Stuart.

Completely ignoring creator codes might turn potential TextMate users 
away who are used to the feature in other applications.

Automatically assigning creator codes to certain files will definitely 
upset the anti-creator code users.

Adding a preference panel for the user to customize this option by 
allowing them to customize TM's creator code settings might be 
considered by some as "feature bloat". Creator code support is not 
necessarily a very powerful feature (worthy of preference-panel 
real-estate). I currently enjoy TM's power-to-feature ratio.

I say a simply checkbox in the save panel and / or in a "file 
information" panel would suffice just fine.

If all else fails, I'm sure there's a way to set those things with a CL 
command, which can be added to the user's TM Command list.


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