[TxMt] Open in FTPeel Command

Toby Sterrett toby at 120decibel.com
Wed Nov 17 20:11:31 UTC 2004

I'm trying to get a command set up in Textmate to open the current file 
in FTPeel in order to invoke the Magic Mirror command (uploads the file 
to the appropriate directory on the appropriate server automatically). 
I found this script to do it in VIM:

> " FTPeel
> fun! MagicMirrorIt()
>     let path = substitute(expand("%:p"), '/', ":", "g")
>     let nice_path = substitute(path, "^:", "", "")
>     execute('!osascript -e "tell application \"FTPeel\" to open \"' . 
> nice_path . '\""')
> endfun
> map  :call MagicMirrorIt()

Basically, it's as easy as calling an Applescript with the command

'tell application "FTPeel" open $TM_FILEPATH'

except FTPeel has a bug with converting the unix filepath to a "mac" 
filepath (users:toby:home:sites:file) because it leaves the initial / 
in the mac path...i guess what the VIM command above does is remove the 
first / (i think)...how would I go about doing this as a Textmate 

Thanks for your help!


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