[TxMt] tab emulation only at start of line

M Spreij nemo at mechintosh.com
Sat Nov 13 14:19:17 UTC 2004

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 12. Nov 2004, at 15:58, M Spreij wrote:
>> Would it be possible to have tab-emulation only function at the start 
>> of a line? Extremely few (if any) of the documents I edit directly 
>> have a column layout (where tabs would be useful), I only really use 
>> them for indentation.. and when editing regular text it'd be nice to 
>> have backspace/delete only remove one space at the time.
> I agree that tab emulation sucks for prose (for me generally when I 
> accidentally do an extra space and want to delete it again, it may 
> delete both spaces) -- though having it only work in the front of the 
> line will probably not be good for code.
> Would you ever need tab emulation in prose? cause if not, the solution 
> could be to have tab emulation a file type specific setting.
> I also could do a heuristic to catch the double-space problem, but I'm 
> afraid that this wouldn't be without false positives, which would 
> probably frustrate people using it for writing code.
> Comments?

If tabs could be made visible (like - I hate to say it - in BBEdit), that 
would solve my particular problem as well, I think, as then I could just 
make sure the indentations were always tabs, and turn of Tab Emulation.



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