[TxMt] project over FTP

M Spreij nemo at mechintosh.com
Mon Nov 8 14:19:22 UTC 2004

On 7. Nov 2004, at 22:02, M Spreij wrote:

>> Has anyone found a way to mount FTP folders as regular folders in the 
>> finder (with read/write, not Apple's readonly way)?

Allan Odgaard replied:

> I've read on this list that Interarchy supports mounting ftp disks with 
> read/write, and I think Sune told me he'd used it previously.

Hmmzz.. yes, but that's just a copy really which is updated to the server 
every so often. Did some searching, Linux has 'lufs' which supports it, but 
it doesn't compile under Darwin atm.
(for those interested

>> A workaround I got was to open the files seperately, then dragging the 
>> window's icons to a new project window (or if you open its parent 
>> folder from the titlebar you can drag all the opened files to TM), 
>> selecting the files in the project window once so they get a tab, and 
>> then you can close the original windows - edit/saves will update the 
>> version on the server. If you close the original window without 
>> 'tabbing' the file, the temporary file will be removed (and editing 
>> will not be possible).

> I guess I could postpone “closing” the file till e.g. TM exits -- though 
> currently the “document” really is closed and disposed in TM, so I'd 
> need to change some code for this to actually work, and since it really 
> is just a workaround for not having native-support, which is around the 
> corner, I don't think I'll be spending much time on improving this 
> currently.

Ah, please leave it as it is - right now it behaves in a logical, 
predictable way :-)



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