[TxMt] About Line Wrapping

Éric Jacoboni eric.jacoboni at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 11:17:16 UTC 2004


Following advice of some people, i'm giving TextMate a try. 

There is a feature i don't find in TextMate: hard wrapping. I'm
editing big XML files and i've not figured how to automatically cut
the lines when they reach the right column.

I know about Soft Wrap, but i don't want to use it as the document
will be sent to people who  are using different text editors: i don't
want they see a paragraph as a single long long line.

In fact, i'm a Emacs user and i need something like 'auto-fill-mode' :
when the line reaches the right margin, Emacs insert a newline.

To achieve the same thing with TextMate, the only way i've found so
far is to reformat the paragraph or the selection, which is not very

Is there something to automate this process or should i live with it?

Best regards,

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