[TxMt] Column typing

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Mon Dec 13 08:42:52 UTC 2004

On 13-12-2004 03:55, Chris Thomas wrote:
> That's "option," for us Mac users. :)

For reasons I still cannot comprehend, Apple decided that European users 
need an unusual keyboard configuration.

I have a powerbook and its keyboard does not say "option" on the 'alt' 
key. Instead it has some undeciferable figure on it that should mean 
"option". So I'm sorry I called it the 'alt' key, but I forgot the proper 
name at the time. ;-)


PS: Other noticeable differences: the ` is located to the left of the Z 
(there's a §/± key where it should be, which I've never used until now) 
and the return key is a slim vertical key that requires a lot of practice 
to hit and you always end up hitting the edge of the keyboard instead.

Oh, and it costs $100 and about 5 weeks to get a 'normal' keyboard.

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