[TxMt] Trouble with "open all" .txt files with TextMate

otheraccount at verizon.net otheraccount at verizon.net
Sat Dec 11 22:25:39 UTC 2004

I've been having this problem too, and deleting the various 
LaunchServices caches and plists didn't seem to help me. I had a bunch 
of old TextMate betas sitting in the trash, though, so I emptied that 
too, and that seems to have made a difference. I also tried banging my 
head against the wall in frustration, so I can't rule out that it might 
have been that instead. But I suggest you try the trash-emptying first.

On Dec 10, 2004, at 5:01 PM, Simon Dorfman wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to open all .txt files with TextMate.  In the finder, I 
> select a
> .txt file, hit Control+i to get info.  Then I select TextMate as the 
> app to
> open it with, then I click "Change All".  After clicking "Change All"
> TextMate disappears as the "Open With" app and is replaced by the 
> text: "Not
> applicable".  If I close the info box and double click on the .txt 
> file, I
> get this error: "The operation could not be completed. An unexpected 
> error
> occurred (error code -10660)."  If TextMate is already open, a double 
> click
> on the file in the Finder opens fine.  But if TextMate is closed, it 
> shows
> this error.
> Does anyone know how to fix this?
> I think it may have been caused by renaming the beta versions of 
> TextMate to
> names like "TextMate1.01b3".  Maybe the Finder got confused about 
> which app
> was THE TextMate to open with.  I now only have the newest 1.02 
> version in
> the Apps folder.
> Any help much appreciated.  Thanks.
> Simon
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