[TxMt] double click selection

Patrick Kelly patrick at oakroad.com
Fri Dec 10 09:48:33 UTC 2004

I'm a newbie textmate user, and unfamiliar so forgive me if this has 
been covered before.

When double-clicking on whitespace to select and then moving the mouse 
to text (to select by word) it's very annoying to me that the word at 
the other end of the whitespace is selected.  I've seen this behavior 
in M$ products and it drives me nuts.  Am I the only one?

To me it's obvious that if I double click something and then move left 
that it's wrong for something rightwards to become selected.

I'm sure I'll learn to cope, but I thought I'd ask about it.

I'm still getting used to it, but I think I like TextMate.  :)

I installed the SQL bundle, but it didn't do it for me.  At some point 
I'll have to go make a syntax file that supports Oracle PL/SQL (since 
that's what I edit mostly these days).



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