[TxMt] new beta

Ivar Åsell ivar at enskede.net
Wed Dec 1 13:20:45 UTC 2004

On 2004-12-01, at 12.19, Brian Lalor wrote:

> The new beta looks *very* nice.  The preferences and menu 
> reorganization are great, and the incremental-search is oh-so-great!
> Keep up the good work, Macromateys!
Yes indeed!!

I haven't read every mail in this list (I know, awful .. won't happen 
again :)  so I might have missed something...
Why remove the option to show/hide tab/status-bar ?

Personally I get along really fine with the drawer and use 
ctrl--alt-cmd-d to show/hide it. Tabs I always hide :(

I realize the tab bar is a great feature and I will proberbly start 
using it over time, but I can't see why to remove the show/hide options 
for it.

kind regards
/ ivar

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