[TxMt Plugins] Dialog API improvements

Hans-Jörg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Fri Sep 21 07:21:36 UTC 2007


OK, let me ask: Who are writing a tm_dialog command? I guess the  
majority of user is more or less skilled in writing source code. So,  
the 'old-fashioned' way by using argument options should not be a  

The only thing to do is to name these options more consistently.

  -e, --alert
  -u, --menu
  -a, --async-window

  -c, --center
  -d, --defaults
  -n, --new-items
  -m, --modal
  -p, --parameters
  -q, --quiet

  -l, --list-windows
  -t, --update-window
  -x, --close-window
  -w, --wait-for-input

  -s, --show <InlineMenu,OpenPanel {<accessory view  
nib>},RequestString,Alert,MyNIB,HTMLToolTip,InteractivePopUp...> => sync
  -i, --init <nib_file> => async

  -c, --center
  -d, --defaults <plist>
  -n, --new-items <plist>
  -m, --modal
  -p, --parameters <plist>
  -q, --quiet

  -l, --list-windows <token>
  -r, --refresh-window <token>
  -k, --kill-window <token>
  -w, --wait-for-input <token>

Note for options -s: if the first argument is a system panel like  
Open, Save, ColorPicker, etc. check whether it follows a nib file for  
the accessory view.

This would have the advantages that you can use both argument  
structures, meaning the backwards compatibility would be solved, and  
it would be easy to expand the existing source code.


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