[TxMt Plugins] TmCodeBrowser as plugin problems

Gerd Knops gerti-textmate at bitart.com
Wed Nov 2 21:16:44 UTC 2005

Hi Allan,

I am trying to get TmCodeBrowser.tmplugin out, as the current version  
is not compatible with the recent OS X update.

I run into a problem though: The plugin is loaded to late,  
specifically after any documents on the command line or any projects  
that are auto-reloaded are instantiated. That causes my hacks to fail.

I'd rather not go back to the old 'InputManagers' hack, which seems  
to work probably because it loads earlier.

So is there any way you could load the plugins earlier?

Or alternatively (or in addition) provide enough for me to not need  
to resort to hacks at all. All TmCodeBrowser would need is some  

- when the current 'front' document changes (my hacks hook into  
OakProjectController's setCurrentDocument: and windowDidChangeKey:  
methods, as well as into OakDocumentController's setTextDocument:  

- after the current 'front' document was saved (OakDocument's  

- and possibly when the current 'front' document's language changed  
(I don't currently catch those, but would need it for my special- 
cased Objective-C support)

The notification object should make (maybe via a protocol) available:

- The documents full path/filename [OakDocument filename]

- The documents languageUUID [OakTextView languageChoiceForCurrentFile]

- The name of a language [OakTextView languageForUUID:]


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