[SVN] r9558 (ActionScript 3)

Simon Gregory simon at helvector.org
Sun May 11 16:31:39 UTC 2008

Removing asdoc snippets in favour of a single command which inspects the current location within a document and inserts comments accordingly. 

Changing comment header from snippet to command, and switching styling in line with Adobe conventions. 

A   trunk/Review/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/Commands/Insert Comment Header.tmCommand
A   trunk/Review/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/Commands/asdoc.tmCommand
D   trunk/Review/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/Snippets/asdoc-class.tmSnippet
D   trunk/Review/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/Snippets/asdoc-comment-block.tmSnippet
D   trunk/Review/Bundles/ActionScript 3.tmbundle/Snippets/asdoc-copyright header.tmSnippet

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