[SVN] r8813 (Latex)

Brad Miller bonelake at mac.com
Sun Jan 27 21:45:50 UTC 2008

use the subprocess module for capturing stdout/stderr from subcommands. This appears to fix the problem reported by Alain Matthes when running metapost and giac.
Add support to parser for capturing error messages in sty files.
Add a hidden pref latexDebug  that will turn on debug output in texMate.py  Enable with defaults write com.macromates.textmate latexDebug 1
By default hide the output from latexmk, since it is redundant with the output captured by texMate.  You can view latexmk output by clicking on the checkbox provided in the Typeset&View window.  (I'm open to adding a preference for this if people find this output useful and want it on by default)

U   trunk/Bundles/Latex.tmbundle/Support/bin/texMate.py
U   trunk/Bundles/Latex.tmbundle/Support/bin/texlib.js
U   trunk/Bundles/Latex.tmbundle/Support/bin/texparser.py
U   trunk/Bundles/Latex.tmbundle/Support/bin/tmprefs.py
U   trunk/Bundles/Latex.tmbundle/Support/css/default/style.css

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