[SVN] r6492

Chris Thomas chris at cjack.com
Mon Jan 29 14:47:36 UTC 2007

On Jan 28, 2007, at 1:01 AM, Michael Sheets wrote:

> Few notes on the nib… could it default to the middle of the screen?  
> The default position seemed kind of arbitrary. Also get the log  
> message at the bottom move over a few pixels to the left to just off  
> the screen sometimes after resizing, moving the split or the window.  
> Varies how to trigger it, but not hard to do. Could also do with a  
> bit of padding here?

> Also the split when you resize the window, the top half can get  
> really really small as to move the size around from small/big/etc.

Definitely, yes, to all of the above. New revision soon.


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