[SVN] r6428

Chris Thomas chris at cjack.com
Thu Jan 4 02:53:27 UTC 2007

Warning: I bumped dialog protocol to version 8 while adding support for alerts. You will need to upgrade both Dialog.plugin in the PlugIns folder and and tm_dialog in the Support folder. Apologies for the inconvenience.

• Clear the releaseWhenClosed bit on nib windows and print a warning; setting this bit will reliably crash TextMate prior to this checkin.

• Add --alert/-e option and accompanying Dialog.alert() Ruby method. See Dialog.rb (both Dialog.alert and the test/usage example at the bottom of the file).

• Rearrange Dialog plugin code to prepare for sheets and sheet alerts. The NibLoader class is split into TMDWindowController and TMDNibWindowController.

U   trunk/PlugIns/Dialog.tmplugin/Contents/MacOS/Dialog
U   trunk/Support/bin/tm_dialog
U   trunk/Support/lib/dialog.rb
U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/Dialog.h
U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/Dialog.mm
U   trunk/Tools/Dialog PlugIn/tm_dialog.mm

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