[SVN] r7000 (Lisp)

Jesper Särnesjö sarnesjo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 00:09:23 UTC 2007


I added/tweaked a few more things, namely:

* A "Help" command, which displays a help file containing a
description of the following command, and not much else.
* A "Documentation for Word" command, which takes the current
selection or word and looks it up in the Common Lisp HyperSpec.
* Snippets for quoted and back-quoted lists: '() and `().
* defun is triggered by fun instead of def. It makes more sense. ;)


//Jesper Särnesjö

On 4/17/07, Chris Thomas <chris at cjack.com> wrote:
> •[NEW] A set of basic snippets (patch from Jesper Särnesjö).
> Changed:
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/defconstant.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/defmacro.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/defparameter.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/defun.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/defvar.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/if.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/let.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/let1.tmSnippet
> A   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/Snippets/setf.tmSnippet
> U   trunk/Bundles/Lisp.tmbundle/info.plist
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