[SVN] r7003 (C, Objective-C)

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Tue Apr 17 12:03:45 UTC 2007

• add custom completion to system header inclusion statements; this will search for frameworks in /System/Library/Frameworks and (if it exists) your Xcode build directory with “Release” appended (ideally it should grab the products directory from the active Xcode project, but due to lack of TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT for completion commands, this is currently not feasible) — this means you can type ‘Imp⇥F⎋⎋’ to get ‘#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>’
• make the ‘#import <.h>’ snippet have ‘.h’ selected after insertion, to better work with completion

A   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/Preferences/Include Completion (System).tmPreferences
U   trunk/Bundles/C.tmbundle/info.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/Objective-C.tmbundle/Snippets/#import <> (Imp).plist

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