[SVN] Check a table of variables

Jakob Voos jaktrip at gmx.de
Wed Apr 11 19:13:53 UTC 2007

Hi and thanks for the helpful answers last time,

Again I have two questions.

In the language I currently define, variables are defined this way  
and can be called virtually without restriction:

var varname

So, It's not possible to track down a variable by its name, but by  
its definition only.
Is it possible to capture all variables defined and highlight them  
whereever they appear later in the context?

The other question is probably less tricky and concerns regexp.

I have defined a begin/end match to highlight something like this:


# defines the start of the match
anything that is not a number ends the match. This way I can
highlight the # and the number correctly (must be different from #).
But I don't want anything more. However, the next character will
always be identified as the end tag and therefore is highlighted  
I would like to exclude the end tag (which is no end tag because  
there is none really)
and let it have the normal formatting.
I can't just colour up the + the way I want to, because it could just  
as well be something
else. E.g.:


Now, the "v" would have the wrong highlighting.

Anything I can do against it?

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Jakob Voos, PROTOVISION Development Team
mailto:jaktrip at gmx.de


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