[SVN] Incremental transparency?

Jakob Voos jaktrip at gmx.de
Sun Apr 8 11:12:59 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

I'm a C64 programmer and I'm trying to fiddle my way through defining  
a bundle for the "KickAssembler"
to be able to conveniently code on my Mac. It's a pain for me to do  
the definitions, so any volunteering
help is much appreciated.

I have tons of ideas for cool 21st century editing, and I'm happy to  
find some of them realized in TextMate.

But: I want incremental transparency, is that possible?
What I mean is that I can define the backgrond colour of a loop to be  
say 5% lighter than my background,
a loop within that loop should now be 5%+5% lighter and so on, so  
that I can easily see where each loop
starts and ends.

Also, I'd like some auto-correction functions. From C64 development,  
I am used to the assembler
polishing up my code like this:
I type:
and the assembler cares for indenting and polish:
	lda $#01

Thanks for the help...

All the best,
and don't forget the fun you had with you Commodore 8bit ;-)

Jakob Voos, PROTOVISION Development Team
mailto:jaktrip at gmx.de


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