[SVN] Revision 1129 (LanguageDefinition, Python)

Jeroen van der Ham jeroen at je-ju.net
Tue May 31 06:19:36 UTC 2005

- Updated the Python theme as per Allan's suggestions
- Removed the shellVariables thing from the LanguageDefinition (although I think it wasn't so misplaced there)
- Added an invalid background color again, this is pretty bad, but I needed to have something there quickly and you don't want to see that anyway.
- Changed the trailing-whitespace match to be completely transparent, you can change it back if you want to.

U   trunk/Bundles/LanguageDefinition.tmbundle/Syntaxes/LanguageDefinition.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/Python.tmbundle/Syntaxes/Python.plist
U   trunk/Settings/Python Theme.tmScopeSettings
U   trunk/Settings/iPlastic colors.tmScopeSettings

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