[SVN] Revision 1098 (LanguageDefinition, Source)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sat May 28 08:55:09 UTC 2005

• Moved Kevin's plist Ruby extension to the shared support directory and updated the Show Keybindings command appropriately.
• Added a Run command for sources. It'll search for an *.xcode or *.pbproj file and then query that file for an executable in its target. Currently only work for single-target project files (since I don't know what the behavior should be for multi-target projects).
• Fixed a few problems with the way the Build command tries to find an Xcode project file (didn't work when the tmproj had space in the name, would never actually find the file for scratch projects (but it would work since xcodebuild would just get an empty file, and thus find it)) -- we should probably define exactly how we want to find the file and rewrite the code, since the current behavior can give problems, e.g. if more than one project exist in a directory, it will just go to the parent directory and search there (probably it should bail out and output an error).

U   trunk/Bundles/LanguageDefinition.tmbundle/Commands/Show Keyboard Shortcuts.plist
U   trunk/Bundles/LanguageDefinition.tmbundle/Tools/list_shortcuts.rb
D   trunk/Bundles/LanguageDefinition.tmbundle/Tools/plist.bundle
U   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/Commands/Build.plist
A   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/Commands/Run (xcode target).plist
U   trunk/Bundles/Source.tmbundle/info.plist
A   trunk/Support/lib/plist.bundle

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