[SVN] Final naming revision (hopefully)

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu May 26 08:31:21 UTC 2005

Okay, I spent some time trying to revise this naming system (again),  
hopefully this will be the final revision and I'll try to apply these  
names later today.

After this I want to make the rule that ALL future names MUST have  
one of these as the root. I have added “other” children for when it  
doesn't fit an existing category. That way it'll be easy to see what  
stuff needs to be conssidered for future (minor) revisions of the  
naming scheme.

    keyword.flow                  -- continue, while, if, return,  
break, try, do, end, throw, …
    keyword.operator              -- instanceof, dynamic_cast, and,  
or, not, …
    keyword.other                 -- «needs examples»

    storage.type                  -- class, function, int, var, …
    storage.modifier              -- static, final, abstract, …
    storage.other                 -- «needs examples»

    support.function              -- NSLog, NSBeep, NSRectFill, …
    support.class                 -- NSWindow, NSString, …
    support.type                  -- NSRect, …
    support.constant              -- NSZeroRect, NSNumericPadKeyMask, …
    support.other                 -- «needs examples»

    constant.numeric              -- 42, 1.3f, 0x4AB1U, …
    constant.character            -- <, \e, \031, …
    constant.language             -- true, false, nil, YES, NO, …
    constant.other                -- «needs examples»

    comment.line.double-slash     -- // comment
    comment.line.double-dash      -- -- comment
    comment.line.number-sign      -- # comment
    comment.line.percentage       -- % comment
    comment.line.<character>      -- <character> comment
    comment.block                 -- /* block */, <!-- block -->
    comment.documentation         -- embedded documentation

    string.quoted.single          -- 'foo'
    string.quoted.double          -- "foo"
    string.quoted.tripple         -- """Python"""
    string.quoted.other           -- $'shell', %s{...}
    string.unquoted               -- here-docs and here-strings
    string.interpolated           -- `date`, $(pwd)
    string.regex                  -- /(\w+)/

    variable.parameter            -- def my_fun (parm)
    variable.other                -- @varName, $varName

    invalid.illegal               -- <pre>this & that</pre>
    invalid.deprecated            -- html <b>strict</b>

    entity.name.function          -- def my_function
    entity.name.class             -- class my_class
    entity.name.tag               -- <tag-name>
    entity.name.section           -- \section{name}
    entity.other.inherited-class  --





Declaration is normally unstyled and serves mostly to allow  
associationg scope-specific settings with various constructs. Dummy  
is also unstyled and ment mostly as a comment, e.g. when you match  
something only so that another rule won't wrongly match it (like  
swallow patterns).

The top-level other should rarely be used since each category has an  
other. This is really for specific languages that have their own set  
of styles, like the diff language.

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