[SVN] Reserved keys for language specific stuff

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri May 20 19:47:22 UTC 2005

We already have sort of a consensus on standard key bindings, so just  
to summarize:

  ctrl-shift-V -- validate syntax for current file
  ctrl-shift-H -- convert file to HTML
  enter        -- continue current construct [1] on next line
  command-R    -- run current file (whatever that means)
  command-B    -- build current file

The two latter keys are not overly used. But I suggest we start to  
use these, e.g. LaTeX & view should probably be on command-B, and  
Shell / Execute current file should be on command-R.

Are there more things which would be nice?

Also, I'm slightly inclined to change command-B to ctrl-shift-B for  
two reasons, 1) following the bundle item naming convention, and 2)  
because I want “Select Block” on command-B (currently command-shift- 
B), which is probably for most people more used than building.

[1] currently this works with line comments and bullet lists (using  
*, •, or · in plain text), but I'd like to extend this to whatever  
makes sense, e.g. Brad; we could have it insert a new “\item” on next  
line etc.

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