[SVN] LaTeX syntax coloring problem, new to b9 I think

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at math.uchicago.edu
Thu May 19 05:00:43 UTC 2005

The following code is not colored properly:

\footnote{We have used here that 
$\gcd\left(\delf{g}{x},\delf{g}{y}\right)=1$, which follows from the 
assumption that $Z$ is non-singular.}

It seems the first $ gets overlooked, and the text "$, which follows 
from..." is considered string.latex.equation.linemath.$

Everything is fine if \footnote is removed. Sorry, I don't understand 
the syntax file enough to mess successfully with it, but I will take a 
look at it. I hope someone else can fix it in a minute though, before I 
spend a day on it.

On a related note, it seems the syntax as is does not understand 
generic commands with multiple arguments, like "\delf{g}{x}" above 
(user-defined). Is that just an oversight, or something inherently 
difficult to achieve? Again, I will stare at the syntax file for a 
while, but I am not very confident I will figure it out.

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