[SVN] TextMate 1.1b9

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu May 19 01:50:42 UTC 2005

Just FYI: beta 9 is now available and uses the Oniguruma regular  
expression library for parsing, so some languages may need to be  
updated, but AFAIK only the conditional matching is missing (apart  
from the word begin/end boundaries which I already fixed). And also  
the (?R); I couldn't make Oniguruma's sub-group matching work, which  
should have replaced this.

While testing, you can run Console.app since TextMate will output ay  
bad regular expressions here (with the proper error code).

I still have 4-5 things to do with TM before going back to official  
releases and I'll also do the global find'n'replace for  
keyword.function -> support.function and keyword.(?!operator|storage| 
control).* keyword.other.$1.* probably within 24 hours.

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