[SVN] Revision 905 (SVK)

Brad Miller bonelake at mac.com
Tue May 17 17:48:02 UTC 2005

On May 17, 2005, at 12:30 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On May 17, 2005, at 3:38, Brad Miller wrote:
>> what is the long term plan for the key situation in Tiger?
> It has been fixed for b9, and I even managed to get the key codes  
> showing for all items, even when the key equivalent was already  
> used by a previous item (a Cocoa limitation).
>> I still get strange key behavior more often than I would like.   
>> For example I use ^-f to move forward and I've changed both  
>> Reformat Paragraph and Reformat Selection to ctrl-option-w  but  
>> there are still times when I press ctrl-f and find whatever I'm  
>> working on reformatted.   I've been trying to pin it down, but its  
>> really hard because as soon as I hit command-z to undo then ctrl-f  
>> works the way I want it to.
> There seems to be a bug in the Carbon Menu Manager with regard to  
> eager caching of menu keys, I don't know if this is the problem --  
> it would probably then happen only the first time you use ctrl-f.
That makes sense in that it typically happens when I'm using keyboard  
navigation and moving around rather quickly.  Like ctrl-a to move to  
the beginning of a long line followed quickly by ctrl-f.


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