[SVN] Revision 916 (ASP, ActionScript, Ada, ...)

Paulo Moura pmoura at di.ubi.pt
Mon May 16 07:53:47 UTC 2005


> Changed all uses of \< and \> to \b. Beta 9 uses oniguruma as  
> regular expression library and doesn't have the former. Other than  
> that, and lack of conditions (?(n)<true>:<false>) (and different  
> syntax for (?R)) then there shouldn't be any compatibility  
> problems. On the positive side, oniguruma has recursive sub-groups,  
> look-behind, is faster, and gives proper error codes for bad  
> regular expressions!

Seams to be that \< and \b are not quite equivalent as the changes on  
this revision broke the Logtalk syntax file: all I get now is a  
spinning wheel every time I try to open a Logtalk source file or  
write some Logtalk code. For example, creating a new text file,  
changing syntax to Logtalk and then trying to type:


results on a spinning wheel as soon as I type the "(" character.


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