[SVN] Revision 929 (Latex)

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Mon May 16 00:59:16 UTC 2005

On 16/05/2005, at 0.00, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> Looks great Sune, thanks!
> One question though: Each time I compile with "LaTeX and view" , a  
> new html output window is created. It don't know much about how the  
> html output windows work, but is it possible to have the same  
> window each time, like in the "show in separate window" case? What  
> are the advantages of the html output?

Well, the advantages are possibilities for prettier highlights. Brad  
Miller is working on the formating and styling part, so it should  
improve :-). Right now it is a bit plain, and there might be some  
problems with the links. As for opening a new each time, this will be  
changed in b9, I think (it's not something in my control), but I am  
experimenting with closing the window when no error occurs at least.  
This currently crashes TM sometimes, so it needs some tweaking. I  
expect to commit more tomorrow.

The other reason for HTML output is that one of the options for  
preview, is as HTML, in which case I need that window.

Final reason: Allan wants to eliminate the normal output window  
sometime in the future, I think.

> It's great to have a unified command, customizable via an  
> environment variable!

Yes, I think it's a good thing too. Gonna tweak it more tomorrow, so  
watch the commits ;-).


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