[SVN] Licensing for Bundles?

David Glasser dglasser at gmail.com
Fri May 13 18:33:26 UTC 2005

OK, so I don't want to be a licensing weenie.  Seriously :-)

But I just did two things that are maybe a little sketchy from a legal

  (a) Checked some code into a repository, that presumably MacroMates
will be distributing later, without legally assigning them the rights
to do so

  (b) Made and edited copies of files from another Bundle and
redistributed them, when some of the files had no license info and
others had a vague "you are of course free to modify this" on them

I don't particularly care too much about this, but seeing as you are a
commercial enterprise and such you might want to look into the
appropriate way of dealing with this -- probably by asking everyone
with SVN access to agree to some clause about giving MacroMates the
right to redistribute anything you put there, and making us promise
that what we give is ours to redistribute.  Actually adding a formal
"license" block to the bundles (inside the plist or whatever) wouldn't
necessarily suck either.


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