[SVN] Revision 895 (PHP)

Mats Persson mats at imediatec.co.uk
Fri May 13 15:04:14 UTC 2005

On 12 May 2005, at 04:55, Kumar McMillan wrote:
>> -- Commented out all the PHP functions again, as they are still   
>> too slow for use.
>> Inherent problem in TM at the moment  I guess/hope ;-)
> just curious, was this slow on beta 8 as well?

Yes, b8 as well.

> Does anyone know if it would speed things up to define all function  
> keywords in one big match  instead of how they were, separated by  
> category (i.e. apache functions, curl functions, etc)?.

I've been toying with the idea of making a simpler version of the  
syntax as an alternative, BUT - and I must stress this point  
strongly. I like the fact that I can go fine-grained in my syntax  
highlighting if I want to. Sometimes, it can be good to specially  
highlight all apache_(), curl_(), etc functions, dependent on your  
current task. All those requesting limitations or simplifications are  
in my mind welcome to be limited by other apps (no names mentioned)  
and leave TM alone. ;-)

That does not mean that I think it's OK  for a 3600 loc doc to render  
in 50 secs at 100% cpu, when the same doc renders in two other apps  
(no names mentioned) in 1 - 5 secs. (Although to be fair to TM, it  
highlights far more items and doesn't get thrown off by escaped  
characters in strings like this '\\'.)

However, Allan is working hard on improving the speed again after  
making the major changes to the syntax system that he has done, so  
I'm patient and relatively content at the moment.

> This would also be easier to maintain since you can grab the latest  
> like
> php -r "\$fn=get_defined_functions(); echo implode('|',\$fn 
> ['internal']);"
> ... or something similar.

ahh, so nice and simple !! Although we should improve it to sort all  
the functions alphabetically:

php -r '
$fn = get_defined_functions();
$fn = $fn["internal"];
sort( $fn );
echo implode("|", $fn);

I saw  your code and it occurred to me that we could so easily build  
a better code completion system that would help us and after playing  
around a bit with this I reverted back to the 'old' phpcc stuff by  
[ ian at ardes dot com ] and made phpcc into a TM.bundle which I  
might submit for general use if Ian approves.

Kind regards,


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